Thursday, September 4, 2014

Crafty Organizing


   I have been quite over the last few days, but trust me its been a busy few day. I took a quick trip to NYC to visit my mom and it was a 72 hour trip with no sleep literally. I have also been organizing my craft room, getting rid of a few things and reorganizing what is left. I want to use my time effectively so I need everything around me as convenient as possible.
    When I started crafting I was always quick to get my supplies at the nearest store, I was naive and really did not know the difference in quality. I have been Scrap booking and Card making for over 8 years and experience and trial and error has caught up to me. I am getting rid of all my beginner tools and upgrading to better quality ones which should make things much easier.  I am not saying that everything I started with is not good but there are new and improve versions of those tools that would make thing easier to accomplish.
   I cut and score over 200 card bases in white, black and Kraft and in both portrait and landscape style, this is going to make card making so much quicker and less messy. I will not have to pull out my score board every time and cut my paper down, now I can just focus on my layers. Let's see what these Small changes will bring, looking forward to jumping into some projects over the next few days.
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